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  • January 25, 2021

Latest Mobile App Development Technologies for Startups

Today mobile applications have become an inseparable part of our lives. Counting From socializing, shopping, learning, to watching our favorite movies and TV shows, travel booking we have a mobile app for almost everything that we want. Well, a mobile app development services provider has to consider a plethora of factors to make an app successful on the PlayStore or App Store. Choosing the right technology for custom mobile app development is one of them so here is the "Android Development Company in Mohali." To get the users’ attention and make them use your app freely without any further quires you must come up with an app that is trending, which has a user-friendly interface, and an app that matches the current bar of digitization.

  • Let’s Explore Some Of The Latest Technologies

1. Flutter

Flutter, an open-source mobile app development SDK (software development kit) SDK is used for creating high-quality, cross-platform native interfaces for both iOS and Android platforms. Flutter uses Dart to help mobile app developers to build up native interfaces. Dart is known as one of the new programming languages. With the flexibility features that it has in development, so it has become one of the broadly used mobile app development technologies.

2. Java

Java is known as an object-oriented programming language, which is an official Android development language. This is a language that sounds quite easy to handle. It too has open-source libraries that are readily available for users to choose from. Java is a technology that truly offers the best documentation and community support and even by its help Java, developers can create any mobile application.

3. Python

Python is a widely accepted programming language. This language is fast, easy-to-use, and easy-to-deploy. Python helps develop scalable web apps. This language provides excellent library support. It has a large developer community. Python proves to be the high starting point for startups as well as the language also possesses strong integration, and it provides enhanced control capabilities.

4. Swift

Swift is known as the new open-source programming language and also the language that adopts a safe programming pattern and also adds modern features to make the programming more flexible and more comfortable. This is the type of programming language with the first industrial-quality systems that proves to be as expressive and enjoyable as a scripting language.

5. React Native

React Native is known for the informative list of mobile app development technologies. It is an open-source framework development app .technology helps the app developers build cross-platform native mobile apps. With help using React Native, one can develop cross-platform apps with the look, feel, and function exactly like native apps. Some of the Native apps are Myntra, UberEats, Ads Manager.

6. Kotlin

Kotlin is a type of statically programming language that is used for developing modern Android applications today. If we say then Kotlin is said to be the advanced version of Java. For Android developers, this language proves to be a modern answer to obsolete Java.